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04/28/2003 Entry: "Light-Headed."

My goodness. That previous entry was originally supposed to be a lighthearted and amusing little anecdote; supposed to be sweetness and Strawberry Shortcake, but had gone somehow awry.

So many things going on. The too-many-bloggers-to-link birthday party this weekend was quite an event; luckily I was able to maintain my composure, mostly, despite having to try all the delicious varieties of the Soju and Sangria our hosts made available. (I think it was the champagne which went straight to my head, however, leaving me to nurse a small headache all the next day.)

My inability to read the time printed clearly on our tickets inspired a mad rush with the Boyfriend to the first of four They Might Be Giants concerts. (John Linnell described it as "appealing to that thin niche of people" who would want to see the same band four times in a row. That would include me, apparantly. At least they're all supposed to be different shows.) And, of course, there has been a lot of Animal Crossing, particularly now that the Roommate has moved into town. It's one happy little village of love and light, as long as the bee-yatch doesn't steal my goddamn oranges before I can plant them. "Tee-hee!"

But I've been completely useless at work today; my head full of air. I've been too busy planning my long weekend, my nights out this week, my outfit for Bingo on thursday, Jason's stay with us in May. And wondering where they make balloons.

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I would move in, but you never invite me over to play crack with you...

Posted by Vince @ 04/28/2003 08:40 PM PST

Ahahahaha! Orange poachers!

Man, I've said this before, but... this is going to be a weird vacation. :)

Posted by Jason @ 04/29/2003 10:55 AM PST

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