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05/06/2003 Entry: "I Don't Wanna Get Over."

I think the problem is not enough wine. I was drinking wine all weekend. We sat around for two days in a wonderful place in Mendocino listening to the frogs, taking dips in the hot tub, and nursing a perpetually refilling glass of wine. Even at William Ted's Excellent Birthday Party, there was wine and champagne (and me walking in with a bottle, uncertain if this was going to be sober space but nobody told me. I found a very willing audience for champagne. However nobody explained the no-small-talk rule to me, though, which explains why my conversations were all like that.) So last night, I tried vainly to fill the absence of wine with Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 until a drunkenly obscene hour of the morning.

I'm much better at drinking wine. I suck at this game so hard. I'm definitely not getting on a real skateboard anytime soon. Who is this Ollie guy, anyway?

So I'm somewhat hungover today even though I was sober last night. But at least I'm not sick. I'm not, I keep telling myself. So far it's been working despite the odds against me. The Roommate has been sick for weeks, it seems, The Boyfriend has come down with something over our long weekend. Today my boss is out sick and several coworkers are holding their heads nursing Cinco de Mayo hangovers. I've got too much to do to be sick, though the idea of being stuck at home in the game room for hours at a time is somewhat appealing.

And actually, what was it that I had to do, anyway? Maybe I could extend this leisure lifestyle out for a few more days. Maybe if I don't get sick I'll call in well. (Or call in Gay, maybe. Thank you Robin Tyler.) I'll drink wine all day to outrun the hangover. It could work for a while.

Whoops, that's my boss on the phone. I gotta run.

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Call in Gay, and let's go play and wander again.

Posted by Vince @ 05/06/2003 03:31 PM PST

You all must rid yourselves of colds and flus before I arrive! This I decree!

Do I even get to decree anything? Please say yes.

Posted by Jason @ 05/06/2003 06:50 PM PST

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