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06/25/2003 Entry: "Poisoned!"

A short summary of my thoughts during my morning commute:

"Hot today, I should take off my jack—WHOA! HE'S HOT! I'D TOTALLY DO HIM! WATCH IT, ASSHOLE, I'M CROSSING THE STREET HERE!—There's the ATM, do I need any mon—FUCK! HE'D LOOK REALLY SEXY NAKED! SHIT! HUNDREDS OF SCHOOLCHILDREN ON MUNI! DON'T EVEN GET ON MY DAMN TRAIN!—[ahem]...my goodness, I'm tired of this cold; I hate the snif—OH, WOOF DADDY! MOVE IT LAME-ASS, I'M LATE!—I'd better stop for a muffin on my way in to—WHOA! CHECK OUT THAT GUY IN THE TANK TOP! OH HELL YEAH BABY! HEY LOOK OUT, BITCH, GET YOUR CAR OUT OF THE DAMN CROSSWALK!—[whimper.]"

OK, what wiseguy spiked my coffee with testosterone?

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Replace the male pronouns with female ones and that could be me some days. I blame it on the 15-year old boy that lives inside of me.

Posted by Katrina @ 06/25/2003 12:38 AM PST

ur a loser

Posted by why r u a loser @ 06/25/2003 10:03 PM PST

I think I should introduce my hostile commentors to your hostile commentors so they can go bowling together.

Posted by Jason @ 06/26/2003 08:56 AM PST

Yeah, well. Someone from AOL (I'm not being unfair, I checked the IP Address) who can't spell, capitalize or punctuate doesn't exactly deflate my ego with that kind of withering wit.

Posted by Casey @ 06/26/2003 09:10 AM PST

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