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08/08/2003 Entry: "My Mood In A Sourdough Bread Bowl."

I have been crabbier than a motel bed with hourly rates this week. On Wednesday I stepped up from mild dissatisfaction to a full-on rage. Oddly, I managed to produce some really good work this same day; I was focused and didn't surf the Web for hours. I can't recommend it as a long-term employment strategy, though, as I also nearly threatened to burn down the building and piss on the smouldering remains.

Never underestimate the effect a couple of Gin & Tonics after a night of physical labor can have on a person. Nor a full 9 hours of sleep. So what if I didn't roll into work until 11? Can I still leave at 6? Or a better question, is anyone going to try to stop me?

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Posted by beenhexed @ 08/12/2003 07:38 AM PST

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