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08/28/2003 Entry: "I Can Get Peevish In The Morning."

Today in the subway a woman was blocking the escalator with her wheeled backpack. She then rolled over to the emergency gate, let herself out of the station and onto another escalator, where I passed her. I think she was getting out her cellphone preparing to walk and dial at the same time. I hurried away, because I don't think a jury would consider that just cause for a self-defense plea.

I'm not sure why it bothers me so much that people exit (and enter) through the emergency gate instead of the turnstyles. I think I'm projecting a feeling of entitlement onto those who do so, as if they're saying "I'm better than the plebes in the regular turnstyles, and besides which. I can save myself six strides while on my way to yoga class." The gates used to have alarms, but I suspect station agents got tired of hearing them go off everytime some schlub wheeled his backpack through. Wonder if they can afford to hook them back up with that extra quarter we'll be paying starting next month?

My face is starting to twitch. I think I need to stop thinking about it now.

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I like to fantasize about tripping them and laughing at them as they hit the pavement.. but then again.. that isn't very nice is it..

Posted by sillynun @ 08/28/2003 08:40 PM PST

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