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10/03/2003 Entry: "Innocent."

you can't see my eyes /and they don't see yours/hear me when I say I don't mind at allAt the bar after Bingo, some nice boys gave me a halo, because I'm such an angel.

They also gave me a couple shots of the vodka they were pitching. They didn't want to take off their shirts, though, no matter how sweetly we asked.

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Dammit, I finally have a chance to play bingo and I have to stay home writing and nursing the cold. Gah! Damn change-of-season reactions. :p

Posted by Jason @ 10/03/2003 11:33 AM PST

But was it top shelf vodka?

Posted by Nala @ 10/03/2003 07:50 PM PST

Yes -- my nunly powers of persusasion must've been off that night. Either that or the boy was just lame.

Oh, and no, it was just Smirnoff...

Posted by Sister Edith @ 10/04/2003 01:49 PM PST

Is that picture cropped to hide the beer can, the needle, the coke spoon, the used condom, the bad check, and the file sharing?

Posted by Victor @ 10/06/2003 10:57 PM PST

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