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10/08/2003 Entry: "Waking Up With A Bodybuilder."

From a few recent posts I've made, you'd think that all I ever did was drink. Gosh, no; I come into the office between drinking binges! I have had quite a few cocktail events to attend these past few weeks, and have more planned this week. Thankfully I'm usually one to know my limits.

Except last night. Well, I'm a little hung over this morning. I kept trying to steel up my courage to actually sing karaoke at Katrina's birthday excursion last night, but ended up overshooting the mark. Wow, I was so out of it, I imagined that we elected an experienceless actor/former bodybuilder to the state's highest post. Ha ha! That would have been funny.

Wait...we what?

Oh god, I need a drink.

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Thanks again for hanging out with me (us) last night. Don't feel bad for overshooting the mark on the liquid courage, I've done it myself a time or two. (And Annie's is the only place I feel safe enough to actually sing, when I think about getting onstage at someplace like The Mint, I break out in a cold sweat.)

Posted by Katrina @ 10/08/2003 11:06 AM PST

One night we all gotta go to that one place on Mission that boos you off if you're any good whatsoever.

Posted by Jason @ 10/08/2003 04:11 PM PST

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