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10/10/2003 Entry: "Hall Of Horrors, Mailbox Of Meat."

It seems like the flood of returned mail has lessened today, for the first time in a couple of weeks. Its unusual that the spam coming in outnumbers the spoofed messages coming back. However I'm not holding my breath that it'll stay that way, particularly not if I post about it—that seemed to jinx it last time. Since that last post on September 25th, I've received about 2500 bounces, mostly from AOL, in addition to my Daily Recommended Allowance of spam. I've kept all the spoofed mail as if I could do something with it, though it feels a little grotesque, like I'm keeping a jar with all my old scabs and toenail clippings in it. My own Spam Museum.

Yesterday I noted two things: 1. I got my first flame-mail response from an actual live person who'd received mail, and 2. the spammers are now using this domain in the forged return address as well as drowning dot com. I sent a polite, apologetic note back to the person who told me where to insert my message, but who can say if AOL is even accepting email from this domain any longer, let alone if the recipient would ever open it.

So if you're visiting this site because of the spam, please believe me that I didn't send it. I wouldn't have asked for this; I promise. And if you haven't received an email from me but expected to, I might have missed your message, or else I might just be tired from dealing with everything else.

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Damn... sorry to hear about all this.

I've been getting tons of comment spam and both my boyfriend and I seem to be getting a lot more of the email spam lately.

Hell... tons more of the spam coming from my name, which of course evades my filters.

Drives me insane.

Posted by Nala @ 10/10/2003 06:57 PM PST

Why do people get off on crap like that? It makes no sense to me whatsoever. Kind of like the little neaderthal bastard who wrote that friggin' Blaster.Worm virus. Death can't come too soon for him. I hope he gets Blaster.Wormed real good in a federal penitentiary. Welcome to the dark side, bub. *le sigh* Time for some gene pool chlorine.

On a happier note, remember the blog I was talking about starting? It done got started! :)

http://www.givemamasomesugar.com is all me, all silly, all fagalicious! Come see its pink glory! :)

Posted by Jeremy @ 10/11/2003 08:59 AM PST

I filter anything not sent to my specific address. Checked the folder for the first time since mid August yesterday and guess what? 3859 messages. Eeek! Guess I'm suffering the same fate. So far, no legit angry messages though.

Posted by Mark Edwards @ 10/13/2003 09:47 PM PST

spam sucks! :( but you don't :)

well ok at least not in the bad way...

well not that I would know or anything

aw jezz nevermind :P

Posted by gnome-girl @ 10/14/2003 11:56 PM PST

Uh...I'm visiting this site 'cuz of the canned devilled ham? What line do I stand in?

Posted by Huntington @ 10/15/2003 01:36 PM PST

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