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02/28/2004 Entry: "Are Things Getting Better, Or Are They Getting Worse?"

"You shouldn't work 11 hour days when you're sick."
"I also shouldn't be sick when I have huge deadlines."

At least I'm only a little sick. Vince was so sick his blog fell apart. It's a bit better now, as are we both. But while I'd rather not trade sicknesses, I'm still a little jealous that he got better drugs than I did.

Going into work on a Saturday won't make me any better, either, I'm sure. Blah.

Tangentally related (and only barely): Thirteen Ways to make Orkut better. It's an interesting service, but definitely not all-the-way baked yet. (I'm also just now starting to explore Friendster and Tribe.net, so I'm hardly on the bleeding edge of things.) If we've met (or at least exchanged fairly substantial email correspondence) and you'd like an introduction to join Orkut, shoot me a message and let me know what email address you'd like me to use.

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