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05/03/2004 Entry: "Ding!"

While it's rather convenient that our temporary offices are so close to the mailroom, it's a little distracting. See, they have a bell on their counter to ring for service, and everytime I hear it, I turn my head to see if the Gay Pimp is there, Looking Cute, Feeling Cute.

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Were that I had a decent (and reliable) internet connection in the house, I could understand your nod to The Gay Pimp. An uncertain smile, even.

These are the times that try a manís soul.

Posted by -J. @ 05/04/2004 08:14 PM PST

Internet lag is a scourge, but I'll keep you looking fresh, darlin'. Sadly 56k is the slowest stream that the site offers. In the meantime just nod and smile, dear; it's what most people do with me anyway...

Posted by Casey @ 05/04/2004 10:55 PM PST

I don't know about that Gay Pimp. That clip creeped me out a little.

Hope that National Masturbation Month is "treating" you good as well. I know that I am havin' fun!

Posted by Chas. @ 05/06/2004 09:01 AM PST

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