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05/21/2004 Entry: "If You Don't Like The News..."

"You haven't posted in a while."
"Yeah, I know." I absently scratch the inside of the ear that isn't against the phone. I might have sounded a little sadder than I meant to, since he's quiet for a second and answers in a worried tone.
"Oh...well, are you working on anything?"
"Well, yeah, I have a few stories in mind, I guess." There's a long silent moment while I roll over some of the story ideas I'd thought to post here. "I just haven't gotten around to them. They're all kind of...fluff."
And how is that different from usual? I hear myself ask.

* * *

"I didn't want to bug you about it, but I noticed that you haven't updated."
"Yeah, I've meant to; I probably should."
"I figured you were just busy with work and buying a condo and stuff."
"Yeah, and that's just the problem. I didn't want to post over and over again about work and the house. I don't want to be repetitious.
And how is that.... I tell myself to shut up before I've finished asking.

* * *

They say good news makes for bad copy. But no news makes for no copy. It's been kind of nice not having to say anything. Kicking ass on giant work projects. Mulling over colors for the kitchen. But I don't think it's healthy to sit with this radio silence for so long. I think it's time I started to make some headlines again.

And you can take that any way you like.

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And here I was thinking you donned a costume to fight anti-gay crimes in the city.

Posted by -J. @ 05/22/2004 09:26 AM PST

He LIVES!! He is real... And ya know we just love the bits of you

Posted by sillynun @ 05/23/2004 04:20 AM PST

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