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01/16/2005 Entry: "Being A Page-Two Boyfriend."

See, it started when my computer crashed in the middle of writing my post about seeing the optometrist and I lost the whole thing. And that pissed me off, so I didn't post it. And I felt intimidated in the shadow of the Tsunami disaster (and my increasing distaste of the American News coverage of the same) to post about worrying about my Thai coworker who was visiting home over Christmas, or my former coworker who'd moved back to Indonesia (both of whom are fine, and whose families were not near the coasts.) And then I was going to write a post about the entertainer at New Year's Eve who pissed me off, but then I wasn't sure I wanted to write something so negative about someone I liked, so it never got posted. And then I spent a week at work trying to remember my name, and then we were busy for a week...and like my excuse for not sitting down to work on the books with the guys in the flat above us, they were sick, and then it was the new year, and then we were busy....

Lame excuses, the lot of them. I didn't post because I didn't feel like it. And it's pointless to notice things I'd like to write about but feel like I need to wait for my re-introduce myself before posting again.

Because maybe what I really needed for a little bit, was to be quiet in the background. To go back to reading other people's Web sites. To not write about my experiences and instead be the one in the background. Sometime it's more interesting being "The Boyfriend" in someone else's story for a change.

But I think it's time to get back to telling my own stories again.

And it might be time to buy myself a new Mac, too.

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Well thank Christ you decided to come back to us. I was worried that Ouchy had taken you hostage.

Posted by -J. @ 01/16/2005 07:42 PM PST

Ya know. After being a 15 year Mac user once I switched to Windows and Solaris I just never looked back.

I may snag a Mac Mini for kicks though.

But I have no software of value to run on it.

Posted by Nala @ 01/20/2005 05:30 AM PST

It's not worth it... why not scavenge pieces and parts. Or get a new Nanode box... Linux or Windows.

Posted by Gigamatt @ 01/20/2005 05:47 AM PST

Windows? *blank look*

Posted by Casey @ 01/20/2005 08:30 AM PST

Casey, windows are these holes some people cut in the walls of their houses so they can look out at the sunshine. "Sunshine?" It's, um...oh, never mind.

Posted by Huntington @ 01/22/2005 11:21 AM PST

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