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12/27/2001 Entry: "What did I forget?"

...I forgot to post after Christmas.
...I forgot to trim my nails before getting on the plane so my nail clippers don't get confiscated.
...I forgot to get a real present for The Boyfriend's parents. Thank goodness for the Roommate's emergency suggestion.
...I'm sure I forgot to pack something...books for the plane! Anything else...?
...Oh shit! I forgot to be afraid of flying!

I may not post anything more until the new year. No Vampire Personality tests (I'm a crazy Malkavian—surprise!) or Oracle Book Cover Makers. Not that I've been very good about that this week, but I'm sure you'll understand. You always do.

Please have a safe and happy New Year's celebration. Peace and prosperity to us all. Now look out Baltimore, here I come!

(Oh, and links courtesy Jason and Brodie.)

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