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03/01/2002 Entry: "Thanks For Lunch Mike."

I'm not the first to notice them, but so far I've gotten three spam-like email messages whose only content is a thank you note from Steve to Mike for what must have been a really great lunch to spam the world about it. Mostly it just perplexes me because there's no obvious marketing payload. Spammer hitting the wrong key? Wierd virus? Meme? Fellow boy scout being overly thankful for doing so well at the Fishing Rodeo?

It bothers me that I'm spending so much mental energy on it.

These actually annoy me less than the literal blanket of paid political junk mail arriving each day pending the Primary on tuesday. Ah, the drama of a good liberal San Francisco smear campaign. I supppose at least Kimiko, Mark, and Harry are keeping the printers in business.

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