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Saturday, February 8, 2003

Scrubbing Bubbles (And Bubbles Is None Too Pleased About It.)

Another little insight into my brain: After vacuuming and doing the dishes, I've been trying to give myself permission to just take a shower and go get my haircut without scrubbing the tub as well. It's late enough that I'm in jeopardy of my barber being closed when I get there, so I should just wash my hair and go.

I'm writing this while the spray cleaner sits on the tile for a minute. (Note to self: We're out of Basin Tub and Tile. Sure, I'd like to use something more natural, but that shit just plain works.)

I'm also doing my best not to get Howard Hughesian over reports of antibiotic-resistant skin infections. The calamity lobe of my brain imagines Staph bacteria leaping out the door of the dirty bookstore onto me as I walk home. The truth is, I have probably stepped in or over worse in my neighborhood for years.

But well, if you ever needed an excuse not to go to the gym, there's a doozy for you.

04:31 PM PST (link)

Friday, February 7, 2003

Please Hold On.

Wish I could claim credit for this...On MUNI buses and trains, there are signs that say something to the effect of, "Please hold on; Vehicle may make sudden stops." Well, on the train yesterday I saw this sticker and couldn't help but smile. I may need to print that out and carry it in my wallet.

04:00 PM PST (link)

Drop And Give Me Twenty!

I would just like to thank Sister Edith and Sister Betty for dragging our dear friend Geno onto the stage last night at bingo and forcing him to do shirtless jumping jacks to prove he wasn't a terrorist.

I think we all left last night as a winner.

10:13 AM PST (link)

Thursday, February 6, 2003

Twelve...Monkeys Mating...

Phew. Finally got all the Christmas stuff put away. And I'm very glad, because I'm not sure that on the forty-third day of Christmas I was going to even remember all the stuff my true love gave to me.

01:50 AM PST (link)

Wednesday, February 5, 2003

Only Happy When It Rains.

I got coffee today, like most afternoons, from the cute boy at the coffee box near my work. I like getting coffee from him not because I find him that handsome but because he has a very endearing smile. Of course, it could also be because he reminds me a little of me at that age. (Hear my old bones creaking? I sure do.)

"Enjoy this beautiful day!" He says with a very bright smile, handing me my espresso. I squint at the sky, starting to sweat slightly in my black coat. I tell him I'll have to do that from my windowless office. He cringes slightly. I'll try not to hold that against him.

I work a lot more in the summertime. I think it's dark enough now for me to leave the building now.

06:15 PM PST (link)

Tuesday, February 4, 2003

I Start In One Place And End Somewhere Very Different.

Last week, I went to visit Vince at the hospital. I have to confess that I'm fortunate not to have spent a lot of time at hospitals, so they leave me a little dazed and confused. After squeezing off a very full Muni train, walking the long way around the building through a parking lot, trudging up a hill and back through another parking lot, entering the wrong tower...by the time I got to Vince's floor I was so gunshy that I had to ask one of the nurses if it was OK to go visit him. She gave me an odd look that said, "Yeah, you think you have to ask me for permission? This isn't a prison, just go on over there."

She said, "Yes."

I've seen enough hospitals in movies and TV to know what to expect in there. I was not expecting to walk in on Min Jung, Cheyenne and Gretchen. Talking about sex. (Well, what better topic to discuss with our favorite kinky celibate nun?) We made introductions; I thought about stepping out and coming back, but they were friendly enough about letting me join the conversation. (Besides, that'd be conspicuous, and I was feeling conspicuous enough already, c.f. my paranoia entry.) But we had a nice visit. There are a bunch of great people in the San Francisco Blogosphere, and it's always good to spend some time with some of them.

I chatted with Vince for a little while longer after the three women left until he was too sleepy from the surgery and morphine. I told him to get better soon and get the heck out of there. He told me to be careful getting home.

I chuckled to myself as I left about being careful. In fact that hospital parking lot was the place where I was held up at gunpoint one night. It's maybe not as innocent as that, but that's the basic facts of it.

This might be the point where Mom might want to stop reading. (I kid. I think my Mom knows by now I'm no angel, but l don't like to give her any more reason to worry; it was a long time ago, anyway.)   (See More)

01:34 AM PST (link)

Monday, February 3, 2003

Any Division Would Be Lucky To Get Him To Work For Them.

2. Demonstrated Strengths/Opportunities or Needs for Improvement
  Umm...can you be a bit less specific?

3. Opportunities for Growth or Development
  "Employee will try not to suck so bad this year."

I hate performance reviews.

12:55 AM PST (link)


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