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Saturday, July 13, 2002

Well, duh.

It's nice to have an actual study to confirm what I already knew, anyway. (Grin!)

Ok, off to the Silent Film Festival. One of my favorite stories...the Boyfriend was telling someone about the festival a couple years ago and how they were showing movies all day. Her response was "Oh, I don't think I could sit in silence for that long."

I don't know what kind of computer she uses, but I'll make a guess.

03:07 PM PST (link)

Friday, July 12, 2002

I Can Leave the House By Myself.

Of course, as it is my life (and my luck,) the DadaFest happened completely sell out after standing in line for a short time. So here I return. C'est la Vie.

Reservations? I laugh at your reservations. If you're going to go see the Death of the DadaFest tomorrow night, I'd suggest you arrive early.

09:41 PM PST (link)

No One's Fussy, I'm a Target.

Let's talk about targets. For the non-technical, no, I'm not talking about Michael Graves.

I certainly appreciate Dive Into Mark's 30 Days to a More Accessable Weblog series, and intend to make some changes to the site based on this. By the same token I understand why he recommends not opening links in new windows, but the marketing lobe of my brain is resistant to the idea. Besides, that's the way I surf the Web (with a ton of windows open,) so I assume everyone surfs like me—a dangerous assumption, I know. So, should I change this? Have an opinion on the matter? Please vote or comment.

  Should I let all links open in the same window?

12:30 AM PST (link)

Some Of Us Are Looking At the Stars.

If the Skinheads are done, maybe it's time to go with the Goths. (Link via Fimoculous.) Goodness knows, I've already got the ball for it.

(Bonus theme music: "Bowlers in Space" (3.3Mb mp3) by Midnight Bowlers. From the compiliation Sushi 4004.)

12:00 AM PST (link)

Thursday, July 11, 2002

Soy Un Perdedor.

While I hate to jinx anything...I mean, I haven't really been trying to do anything...but I seem to have misplaced, oh, say, about five pounds. Imagine my surprise this morning when I stumbled naked from the shower to my room past the scale. For shits and giggles (and in no hurry at 9:04AM to rush in to work,) I stepped upon it and saw a number that's ordinarily associated with the point where they start measuring my weight. I got off and checked the scale's zero. I got back on. I leaned forward and back, trying to make the number move to the place it's "supposed" to be. Okay, admittedly, this was pre-breakfast and post-defecation, so it's bound to be low, right? But I checked after dinner tonight and while it's not as dramatic as this morning, sure enough, I seem to be missing a little something. Don't know where it went.

Oh, wait, I think I hear it inside the unopened bag of potato chips on top of the fridge.

On the other hand, my Visor has been in the mood to drop unnecessary pounds too; the damn thing has begun to crash violently on a semi-weekly basis, only allowing itself to be restored by erasing all my data and re-synching. Harrumph, says I. Good thing we're between projects at work (I seem to still have a job, if you were wondering from a previous entry) so I can navigate their online tech support. I remember it being so much fun the last time.

So I suppose you lose some, and...you lose some. Or something.

01:27 AM PST (link)

Tuesday, July 9, 2002

Have A Great Life!

What if you had it all to do over again? What if you got the chance to start over, knowing what you know now? What if life was just a game?

Somebody please pry the mouse out of my hand.

11:16 PM PST (link)

Restaurant Politics.

In the Boyfriend's neighborhood, activists complain over the expansion of a local restaurant. I'm not fond of the fact that restaurant owners from the Marina open "sister restaurants" in the Mission, but at the same time I don't mind their restaurant in particular. I don't think that more expensive restaurants replacing taquerias is particularly friendly towards the working class, if that's part of the neighborhood appeal they're trying to save. (We joke that Andalu has heavy curtains blocking all the windows so you can pretend you're in the Marina instead of the Mission.) At the same time, if the working class has been pushed out already, maybe they're doing a fine job of serving the new local community.

Do I have a point? Probably not. I'm glad the Slanted Door is expanding. While I generally side with the slow-growthers, there's got to be a balance between gentrification and stagnation.

01:10 PM PST (link)

I'm #66 on Google For This Phrase.

I believe you have my stapler...

12:54 AM PST (link)

Stuff You Stick In Your Mouth.

So maybe lowfat diets are bad. (Link via Max.) Of course, I always have to wonder where political or commercial agendas come into play. (Link via Rebecca.) Personally, I'm not sure dietary science has ever been particularly unbiased, and in some cases it seems about as scientific as Astrology. But now I'm not sure what to eat. I would switch back to my all-potato-chips-and-chocolate diet if not for fear of keeling over from a heart attack, or worse, never getting laid again.

Maybe I'll just give up and run off with the Radical Faeries. Or become a Borkist. (Even though they're recruiting with evil spam techniques, they can't be all bad since they have an MP3 of the Chocolate Moose skit.)

12:41 AM PST (link)


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