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Monday, December 1, 2003

Smoke Lingers Round Your Fingers.

Holy shit, we're going to London.

I hesitated to write anything about it ahead of time, knowing what happened the last time we planned a trip to Europe. The Boyfriend and I are both a little superstitious about it—I've nixed certain restaurants and music for fear of jinxing this trip.

But really, there weren't any pool reporters to hush before this trip; we started talking about going somewhere last week and it sort of...escalated. I started with Cinderella's Castle at Disneyland. He countered with Hearst Castle. Then we thought, you know, we could go see some rather older castles instead. By Friday we had reservations and were searching for passports and guidebooks.

I'm hoping for some tasteful art and tasty drinks and some tasteless theater. I'm also hoping that they don't run me out of the country for lapsing into my horrible fake British accent. (And any Londoners or fellow travellers who'd like to give suggestions or want to meet for a pint, please leave me a comment or email me.)

03:04 AM PST (link)

Sunday, November 30, 2003

Tom And I Are The Same Color!

Even several days later, I'm enjoying leftovers from Thanksgiving, and boy, am I stuffed. (Very not-safe-for-work.)

My mother sent me that photo, actually. She's also the one who sent me home with fake turkey leftovers and the rest. I just had a Tofurkey sandwich, actually, and it was quite a bit better than you might think. I happened to watch a bit of Good Eats with Alton "Annoying" Brown, who suggested that the mayo or butter on a sandwich isn't there just for moisture and flavor; they actually help keep toasted bread from getting soggy. Interesting idea; I normally forego the spread to reduce the fat. I'll try it on my next one and see if it makes a better sandwich.

She almost bought an Unturkey, but they only had the variety which served eight—I think that might have been a bit much, since I was just about the only one eating any. I tried a new brand at our local Hippie Grocery Store before Thanksgiving, and it wasn't very impressive. The best thing about it was the name: I'd love to be able to extend a platter to my guests at a formal dinner and ask, "Would you like some more Turkey Yum Yum?"

06:06 PM PST (link)


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