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Thursday, December 6, 2001

Honey, have you seen my socks?

My sense of humor has regressed back to age fourteen right now. I've been cracking myself up all day with the word balls. I can hardly wait for Bingo tonight because they've replaced their old wire bingo cage with a modern machine. So they no longer need someone to be the ball puller (ouch!) because now they have a ball blower (aaah!). I can only imagine the depths of innuendo that we are in store for this evening.

Consequently, when Jessie started talking about getting some syrupy Indian balls, I nearly peed myself.

02:47 PM PST (link)

Plug time's up!

'Mr. Squirrel,' I said, 'I'm sorry,
But the problem can't be solved
If there's no one here to help, and no one to get involved
Always look to the positive and never drop your head
For the water will engulf us if we do not dare to tread
So let's Tread Water.'
--De La Soul, "Tread Water," Three Feet High and Rising.

Whoops...did I just blow my Goth Cred?

12:50 AM PST (link)

Tuesday, December 4, 2001

Christmas with the Devil.

Well, if Our Dark Lord Satan isn't welcome here, then maybe He should go to Scotland for Christmas.
(Links via Nancy and Chuck, respectively.)

My favorite part of the Florida Town story: "Town Clerk Sally McCranie, who signed the proclamation, offered another observation: Kids in town, she said, have taken to dressing in all black and painting their faces white, a style known as Goth." I thought that was a style known as mime myself.

(Bonus Link for Evil Goths: The "Real" Goth FAQ. Ouch!)

01:31 AM PST (link)

Stop! No More Silly Quizzes!

All right, this is getting out of control:

(All three links via Wyndwick's Live Journal.)

I think Meg's got some more, too. Snicker.

01:29 AM PST (link)

Monday, December 3, 2001


Last night the power went out at around 11, I guess, and the Roommate and I broke out the candelabras and votives. Of course, today with the lights on we have a different problem. Every now and then a candle would burst a leak and get wax everywhere. (Maybe it would be more erotic to someone if they were actually trying; frankly it just seems the wrong kind of hot to me, thanks.) Anyway I'm hoping it all comes out of the sink without resorting to more drastic measures. Maybe we should recycle? Maybe this could be the start of a new hobby. Who can say.

08:05 PM PST (link)


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