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07/28/2002 Entry: "Tickets, Money, Passport!"

So my vacation started yesterday. Sure didn't feel like it, but I'm slowly coming around. Normally I would spend my Sunday dreading work tomorrow, but that feeling has definitely abated by the realization that I'm late! The Boyfriend and I are heading up to points north (just like William Ted,) but rather than pack and shower and eat, I've spent the past hour putting tunes on my iPod. Whoops. (Thankfully the BF has been delayed this morning too, so I'm not doing too badly.)

I think the Boyfriend is right: it's easier to get into a vacation mood when you take a trip, however short. See you Tuesday.

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Just don't come home late...or drunk...

Posted by Huntington @ 07/29/2002 08:58 AM PST

have a great time in mendocino, doll. say hi to the waves for me.

Posted by aaron @ 07/29/2002 12:52 AM PST

That's right! Coming home drunk is my job!

Posted by Novice Sister Edith @ 07/30/2002 12:01 AM PST

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