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01/11/2003 Entry: "Other People's Stuff."

First, my sympathies to Aaron and his family. Not only is he a good man who gave what he could to his grandmother, but his entries about Grandma Duck's last days have made me tear up here at work. Peace to you, my friend.

So much happening out there in the blogosphere: Vince has a new site at which to ponder the Buddha Nature of the Internet. Mark and Chuck both bought new houses. And Sparky's having his not-a-wedding.

So what about my stuff? What have I been doing? Not so much. I spent the week spinning my wheels on a project at work and then coming home and spinning a different set of wheels playing Vice City. I've been trying to not feel like I'm completely ineffectual at work; I'm pretty sure I'm just been a little run-down from late nights and resisting a cold. Those always make my mood a little sour. I spent the early part of the week feeling completely extraneous—a little bit good at a bunch of things, but not very good at anything in its entirety. Again, I think that's just me being moody. I'm doing my best to just press ahead and do what I have to.

Then there's the matter of trying to maintain a good attitude at work even with rumors of layoffs coming. At this point, I know nothing more about it nor if it's true—the rumors haven't exactly come from reliable sources, either. Regardless, this is not the best moment to feel redundant.

Other things like housework and my papers have been piling up a bit, which I should attend to this afternoon And I need to make some decisions: Do I want to go to SXSW? Do I want to try out for Blogwhore2? Do I want to get a cellphone/"convergence device"?

I did finally make it to MacWorld Expo, and thought of William Ted everytime I talked to cute geek boys at the booths. I certainly understand the appeal...iCandy. (Oh my Odd, I can't believe I just wrote that...). Shy guys with hairy chests peeking out from under their logo-embroidered polo shirts? Mmm. Boys with nice arms and winning smiles who could talk at length about technical issues with OS X? Mmm. Not so much the guy with the kilt, though.

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You don't want the guy in the kilt? Fine, I'll take him.

Posted by Jason @ 01/12/2003 11:54 AM PST

For convergent devices, check out what came out of CES:
CNET Electronics Story

and for more info:
Press Release

I am not normally a Windows Proponent, but this looks pretty cool.

Also, check out the Neonode.

Posted by Colin Davis @ 01/13/2003 06:55 AM PST

Well, one of the things I liked about the Sidekick was that it was Mac-friendly, I thought. (And I can't support a company that would publish a URL like that Hitachi press release. :) Sorry about editing your comment, Colin.)

Posted by Casey @ 01/13/2003 01:03 PM PST

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!! iCandy!! I'm dying!!!

Your descriptions of MacWorld guys made me totally hot. I'm sorry I missed it! Next time.

I did stop into a Mac store over the weekend. I made a point of asking the salesguy, "So, can the RAM on this model be expanded?"

He said, "You bet. You can take that baby all the way up to 600 Megs if you want."

I thought to myself, Yeah Mr. MacDaddy . . . I'd like to expand you to 600 megs and see how well your processor performs.

Posted by William Ted @ 01/14/2003 12:23 AM PST

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