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09/09/2004 Entry: "Seek Professional Help!"

Getting professionals to come in for the move was one of the best things I've ever done. I would have liked to have supported the Delancey Street Foundation, but their movers were booked. (Maybe I'll buy a Christmas wreath from them this year instead. Or even more my style, dine in their restaurant...) Instead I used "One Big Man & One Big Truck & One Tall, Skinny Russian Guy." Admittedly, that whole thing is pretty hard to fit on the side of a truck, no matter how big it is, so they go by the shorter version of the name.

It was pretty clear that The Former Roommate and I had done a better job purging than we'd expected. The pile of trash was enormous, and the dumpster that didn't get emptied the week prior wasn't helping. I'd found Junkaway though Craigslist, and he and his partner did a pretty good job. It wasn't until much later that I realized I had read about the psychologist who analyzed people's junk. I should find out if he charges extra to provide an ex post facto psychological profile. I'm a little afraid of what it might say...and what it might cost.

Thankfully there was no extra charge to admire his perky nipples through his a-frame undershirt.

Hmm. Speaking of professionals, perhaps we need to find some good carpentry and housepainting services...

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I can paint and do carpentry, but me naked is NOT pretty. :)

Posted by Clay @ 09/13/2004 11:26 PM PST

That moving site has some great moving tips, they will definitely make our move to Seattle that much easier.

Posted by -J. @ 09/14/2004 09:49 PM PST

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