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07/12/2006 Entry: "Slow Drips And Fast Drops."

We did the good deed and hooked up the summer DSL service for the Boyfriend's Parents up in Maine. Unfortunately, now that we're in Northern Virginia, we've realized that we, by necessity, also disconnected their service down here. So we're connecting here over dialup.

I'd forgotten that some people still use dialup. I immediately remembered why I love broadband.

On the other hand, we've seen some crazy sudden lightning storms out there. Not too scary since I wasn't wearing an ipod. (Nor was I outside in it, either.) Amazing how the sky suddenly opens and a wall of water drops down, and then giant bolts of electricity and a boom rattling the windows of the Starbucks...Yes, Starbucks. We were desperate for both broadband and espresso.

Looks to be an eventful few days...Hopefully we'll have a habitable house when we return to the West Coast. Electricians are still in the walls, creating a little electrical storm of our own there. But regardless of how much plaster dust and exposed conduit we'll have there, at least there will be broadband.

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