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Saturday, March 17, 2001


The first half of this story is quite interesting. How much information do we put out into the world? How many people's lives can you conceivably comprehend a slice of at any one time? And as a personal publisher, how much of my life do I extend to the rest of the world, further complicating the sea of information out there?

Then it becomes an ad for Iomega and xDrive, or something. Because Yahoo News has to get paid. (Amusingly, the banner ad on the page was for the company I work for, though not one I made. Not quite sure what that implies, but I thought I'd mention it..)

(Link credit Jonno)

07:20 PM PST (link)

Friday, March 16, 2001

Pixel Dust

A master at observing the obvious, I am...I just spent some time looking for ads in a newspaper and felt all dirty afterwards. Washing my hands, I thought to myself, haughtily, "Sheesh, you never get this dirty working on the Web."

Secondary Observation: I am such an online snob.

05:40 PM PST (link)

"He Yells a Lot."

I think I am a completely different kind of bad manager than listed here. But some of these sure sound familiar.

Then again, I prefer different ways of controlling people.

03:52 PM PST (link)

The Candylike Red Coated Button!

It probably is not a good idea to push the button marked "RM". I'm not a Unix guy, but I know enough to say that it might be a bad thing.

Though it's very tempting nonetheless.

12:47 AM PST (link)

Good enough for Secret World Government Work.

I've taken down the red site warning. It occurred to me that I might as well have a flashing contsruction barracade up there for all it does. The site mostly works. Parts are still being fixed. Netscape 4.x users shouldn't try to preview comments yet, but you'll live, I'm sure. Things will only reach completion when I'm dead.

I mean, I've got P tags to close, for god's sake.

And I have to find something nice for Mr. Grey. (Of course, cash is always the right color, and it's never a size too big.)

For now enjoy some photo goodness at le paradis artificial. At this hour, it's nice to look at handsome Japanese guys.

But watch your hands.

02:05 AM PST (link)

Thursday, March 15, 2001

Moaning and crying.

Lies, I tell you. I was a perfect little gentleman about it. No waterworks at all. I mean, there's no need to cry when you're the one holding the other person at knifepoint.

And so you know, Mr. Roommate, the URI has propagated, but feel free to bypass the Gay-Pride-Drag-Queen Enter button. I still need to change that.

04:36 PM PST (link)

Kill me! Please!


03:32 PM PST (link)

WE decided? MY best interests?

I try not to use the royal we about work things. Personal pet peeve. It's either "You need to do this" or "I want this" or "So-and-so says to do it this way." I'll stop when I catch myself saying it and correct myself. Camaraderie is great and all and this might be a team effort in the big picture, but the individual action still needs to be done by one person.

So I try, but don't always succeed. Some days I feel spacy, and bitter; I give poor instructions, and ineffective feedback. I write emails which don't really say anything. I neglect important technical details for sweeping generalizations.

In short, some days I'm a better executive than others.

03:31 PM PST (link)


At 7:57 the air compressor started this morning. Underneath my bedroom window. The fourth day this week. Luckily for them they keep the air compressor inside at night. Note to self: check local noise laws. They're within legal limits, I'm sure, but it doesn't change the fact that it's annoying.

08:46 AM PST (link)

Wednesday, March 14, 2001

Watch out for the stairs!

"2,4,6,8,10,12,14...Eat your heart out Ann Miller."
"Eat my heart out, Ann Miller."
"Eat me out, Ann Miller."
"Who the fuck is Ann Miller?"

Or if you prefer, "¿Quien es la pinche Ann Miller?"

07:40 PM PST (link)

Slice of Life

The Client bought it. Even though it's only half built. But we're going to try to deliver it tomorrow.
Threw away lunch. Food smells gross. Too stressed to eat. I don't want to throw up.
I now find out we could have saved hours waiting for someone else to publish files for us because of a transitory server issue.
And my boss wants everything we've created on her laptop for Friday.

Coffee is my friend.

05:26 PM PST (link)

Get Irrational!

Happy Pi Day 2001!

I'm too busy to celebrate properly, so allow me to recycle links from last year.

02:05 PM PST (link)

Under my skin.

New Diary Entry. I don't know if it accurately expresses how bad my friday went, but at the same time I'm not sure I want to relive that.

Let me just say that even the suits, retards and Trixies who this morning tried their best to keep me from getting to this place where I don't want to be anyway hardly compare with that a measure of frustration.

09:42 AM PST (link)

Tuesday, March 13, 2001

"I want everybody to think alike."

"Machines have much fewer problems. I'd like to be a machine --- wouldn't you?"

-Andy Warhol

01:42 PM PST (link)


Filet Fucking Mignon.

12:43 AM PST (link)

You shouldn't.

You shouldn't be afraid to write to other people. You should not you be afraid to leave comments in their weblogs. You shouldn't be afraid to tell someone that they're smart or cute or funny or that you wish them luck or that you hope things get better or just thanks for the MP3 they posted for everyone to download.

Primarily, however, you should not be awake at three in the goddamn morning.

03:07 AM PST (link)

Monday, March 12, 2001


I'm feeling vaguely ill. I need to confess. I...I...(sob)...finally did it. I installed IE5 at work.

And I don't hate it.

I feel so ashamed.......hold me...

07:01 PM PST (link)

Memetically Yours

Trying a new feature. Memes fascinate me, as do tests and quizzes. So rather than try to catch up on a year's worth of weblog memes here, I'll post a bunch together for your handy one-stop Casey memetic shopping.

(Use as directed. Not to be taken internally. Keep out of reach of children.)

12:53 AM PST (link)

Sunday, March 11, 2001

Well, it was there.

So I was, for reasons which are vague and best not explained, trying to find something describing the possible homosexual implications of Steely Dan's Ricky Don't Lose That Number. Instead I found a different "Homosexual Ricky" in my search results: an amusing little article penned by Mike Doughty from Soul Coughing. He's a strange man, Mr. Doughty.

03:17 PM PST (link)

Downloading "fatass.sit"

It's after two in the afternoon and I've still not done the things I need to do today (some minor client work, vacuuming and mopping, and getting groceries). But at least for the first time in about a month I've gone looking for updates for software here at home. Yes, I've been bad.

And I'm also trying to pick a browser. Opera crashes if you cross your eyes at it. iCab doesn't support style sheets. I've downloaded Netscape 6.01 and the most recent Mozilla, and will be introducing those particular flavors of instability to my system shortly. But I just can't force myself to download Internet Exploiter. I still don't trust them. Old habits die hard.

02:26 PM PST (link)

Gin's Pretty.

...and I always thought cocktails looked good in the glass. I never thought they'd look nice that close up. (Link from Chuck.)

12:20 AM PST (link)


OK, one additional test: How does the blog deal with embedded images? Oooh, that's bad. I'm going to have to get professional help for this one. What if they aren't in the text?

Hmmm, not much better. Wait, it's better with more text, bcause it gets pushed down. I'll see how much worse they are if I use a DIV.

Yikes! This works better in Netscape 4 than in Opera! That's a sure sign something's wrong.

Sure you need more candy, fatso?

*sigh.* It's all so complicated.

12:08 AM PST (link)


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