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Saturday, May 12, 2001

Give and Take.

The Good
•Cold sushi for breakfast
•Reading cute guy's journals at
•Reading a weblog you forgot you liked
•Humor about Surfing the Web

The Bad
•Wasabi in a squeeze tube
•Realizing you've been reading journals for three hours already
•Finding out thatDouglas Adams died
Stress of working on the Web
•Nothing good at filepile

12:51 AM PST (link)

Friday, May 11, 2001

I don't normally link to news...

"AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - After refusing for months to say where he stood, Republican Gov. Rick Perry signed a Texas hate crimes bill Friday that strengthens the penalties for offenses against minorities, gays and others.

"The James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Act was named for the East Texas black man who was dragged to his death from a pickup truck in 1998 by three whites.

"Perry's predecessor, George W. Bush, had refused to support the measure two years ago, saying all crimes are hate crimes."

I can hardly wait to hear what Molly has to say about this. Assuming she can (snicker) handle the criticism.

04:30 PM PST (link)

I sunk San Francisco!

Playlist for Someone Razing the City of San Francisco and Sinking It Into the Ocean:

"Everyday is like Sunday" - Morrissey (Maybe. It's a little too weak.)
"Hell of a Town" - Joe Jackson (Even if it's really about New York.)
"White City" - Thomas Dolby
"Ænema" - Tool (Even if it's really about LA.)
"Cities in Dust" - Siouxsie and the Banshees (Even if it's really about Pompeii.)
"Anti-Everything" - Breakbeat Era
"City's Burning" - Heart
"Firestarter" - Prodigy
"Burn" - Nine Inch Nails

Any other suggestions?

11:30 AM PST (link)

Thursday, May 10, 2001


Oh boy. I can either take an 8 AM flight in to Irvine and sit through three hours of meeting that won't apply to me, or bother with a car down there and travelling on my own and go at 11 instead...My choice. Lucky me.

01:43 PM PST (link)

Wednesday, May 9, 2001

Conversational Multiplication.

Discussion of the 70's leatherman Hanky code, as recently seen on Further Tales of the City.


How to prepare for a Goth party, including instant makeovers and haircare tips.


Goth Hanky Codes.

EXTRA CREDIT ANSWER: If you exchange "Goth" for "Christian", however, you get this. It's so wrong, it's right.

04:16 PM PST (link)

Monday, May 7, 2001

We *LOVE* Quizzes!

Everybody loves online quizzes! My mom got sent one about the enneagram. Dunno how I feel about that whole scheme. No offense to the Kabbalists or Sufi, but it seems kinda hokey. (For completeness, I should mention that I was a 4 at this online test, but I could just be feeling a little fragile right now...[sniff].)

But some of the best quizzes are at Queendom. My roommate was looking at Procrastination quizzes. I was especially interested in the burnout quiz, which...well, didn't tell me much I didn't know.

09:49 PM PST (link)

You are what you eat.

Jason has been giving vegetarianism a try. Good for him; I hope it fits. For me, it's been a long "phase": about 12 years or so, now.

I try not to be too ardent a vegetarian: I try not to comment on other people's food, even if it grosses me out, because that's my trip, not theirs. (Like the odor of reheated cooked beef from my cow-orker's offices...pheu!) I try to stay fairly strict but have small conscious lapses, as well as all the places where meat products are snuck into food without me knowing. (That still angers me, sometimes. Why is there beef fat in my doughnuts?) I think there are as many good reasons to become a veggie as there are bad ones. The important part is to know why you're eating what you're eating.

Then again I also wear leather, so what do I know...

01:34 PM PST (link)


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