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Thursday, December 27, 2001

What did I forget?

...I forgot to post after Christmas.
...I forgot to trim my nails before getting on the plane so my nail clippers don't get confiscated.
...I forgot to get a real present for The Boyfriend's parents. Thank goodness for the Roommate's emergency suggestion.
...I'm sure I forgot to pack something...books for the plane! Anything else...?
...Oh shit! I forgot to be afraid of flying!

I may not post anything more until the new year. No Vampire Personality tests (I'm a crazy Malkavian—surprise!) or Oracle Book Cover Makers. Not that I've been very good about that this week, but I'm sure you'll understand. You always do.

Please have a safe and happy New Year's celebration. Peace and prosperity to us all. Now look out Baltimore, here I come!

(Oh, and links courtesy Jason and Brodie.)

09:03 PM PST (link)

You'll shoot your eye out!

Some thoughts on my Christmas:

  • I find it amusing to think of my mother trying on Doc Martin Boots five sizes too large for my present. I find it funnier that this happened at a place called Journeys, "An attitude you can wear." It looks like a Hot Topic with less street cred. If they gave her any "attitude," I'm sure she squashed it like a grape.
  • Totally excellent present that I'm digging right now: Blondie's Eat to the Beat on CD. I loved this album in high school and am very happy to have it back in regular rotation. "Accidents Never Happen in a perfect world."
  • We did a little pronoun shifting, as it were, with the Boyfriend exquisitely walking that fine line between friend and 'special' friend at Christmas dinner. He's too good to me.
  • Eventually I'll try to hook up my new computer-controlled stereo system. It's kind of like OS X. It looks like it'll be cool, but I'll need to make time to install the thing and then learn how to use it.
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, whether you like it or not, The Roommate bought me...Hedwig. That rocks way hard.

Mom, I hope you feel better soon. I think I accidentally gave her my cold for Xmas. Thoughtful, huh?

08:53 PM PST (link)

Monday, December 24, 2001


When I was small I used to get excited over Santa Claus visiting on Christmas eve. Now I'm shaking with anticipation for my Amazon.com order to come via UPS. Let's move it! I've got last minute things to do! Groceries to buy! Presents to wrap! Gee, I'm glad I paid for one-day shipping a week ago. C'mon, faster!

Does this mean I'm a grown-up now? Gross.

Of course, the Roommate's order—the one with a present for me in it, he said—came early this morning. But I'm waiting for the one with my presents for other people. Which may explain why the Christmas Quiz said I was the Santa Claus type. No bowl full of jelly remarks, please. (No, the personality quiz madness never ends.)

10:49 AM PST (link)


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