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Friday, March 1, 2002

Thanks For Lunch Mike.

I'm not the first to notice them, but so far I've gotten three spam-like email messages whose only content is a thank you note from Steve to Mike for what must have been a really great lunch to spam the world about it. Mostly it just perplexes me because there's no obvious marketing payload. Spammer hitting the wrong key? Wierd virus? Meme? Fellow boy scout being overly thankful for doing so well at the Fishing Rodeo?

It bothers me that I'm spending so much mental energy on it.

These actually annoy me less than the literal blanket of paid political junk mail arriving each day pending the Primary on tuesday. Ah, the drama of a good liberal San Francisco smear campaign. I supppose at least Kimiko, Mark, and Harry are keeping the printers in business.

01:00 AM PST (link)

Let's All Go To The Lobby.

Wednesday night's entertainment was the 76th Birthday of the Balboa Theater. A Buster Keaton's The General with a Felix the Cat cartoon, a magician, cake and wine afterwards, live music and more. $7.50 very well spent. And for their regular shows they always have double features. How can you go wrong there?

Apparantly it's also Art Deco theater week, since tonight is North By Northwest at the Paramount Theater in Oakland. And this time Dec-O-Win victory will be mine, let me tell you.

But I can never remember: which are better, Twizzlers or Red Vines?

12:48 AM PST (link)

Thursday, February 28, 2002


Sometime at work recently, when I was really tired, I described something as not "approvaled". The word still makes me giggle. I think I need to make it into a rubber stamp.

A Pottery Barn catalog arrived, and I thought the cover headline ("Paint it White") actually read "Painfully White." Which I wasn't going to disagree with, but thought it was awfully brave of them to admit.

And while I disagree with the broadband Internet deregulation bill (H.R. 1542.), I feel that I can't engage in intelligent debate about it. I just can't help but snicker when I hear "Tauzin-Dingell."

01:54 AM PST (link)

...And You're Not So Big.

ROCK ON! They Might Be Giants won a Grammy! I'm very pleased for John and John.

01:15 AM PST (link)

Tuesday, February 26, 2002

Swimming Upstream.

Yay! Chee-tos for Breakfast!

I might be running just a little behind today. I love early morning meetings, especially after late-night insomnia.

I woke up around seven this morning with my Visor embedded in my cheek. Darn you, TextTwist, darn you! I retreived the stylus from the blankets before it self-inserted like a candirú. I managed to get most of the little ribbed indentations off of my face before I left for work. However on my arrival this morning, I realized I'd forgotten to zip my fly. I'd ridden all the way across town on MUNI like that. Again. No wonder it felt so drafty on that train.

Otherwise, the workday continues at a fever pitch. Somehow, despite being an utter wreck today I've managed to mock up an entire website using the HTML equivilent of popsicle sticks and white glue. Good thing I'm not an HTML programmer, huh?

Ack! I accidently read some of the Marketing Copy! Quick, to the eyewash station!

05:21 PM PST (link)

My socks! I can't move my socks!

About two hours of fiddling with USB ports and reinstalling software for my Visor.Doing a soft reset. Pip! and it worked.
Two months of car worries and anxiety.The expected phone call from the donation agency.
Thin socks in new Doc Martins.Large adhesive bandages and a paper towel. (One trip to RiteAid and we have a more sophisticated solution, which might be effective too.)
Carrying rolls of film from the Chinese New Year Parade around with me during lunch.Getting a sleek new haircut with minutes to spare before the parade.
A carefully planned production schedule with plenty of flex room and clear review cycles.Emergency-mode chaos to meet a deadline pushed up a couple of days. He's just the CEO, what's the worry?
A weekend with lots of time to do get things done.Monday evening after 11 with a meeting early tomorrow.

01:41 AM PST (link)


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