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 Friday, March 7, 2008

Beta Relaunch.

Like so many things I've been working on this past year or two, I am so not done with this site update yet; but there is new Ultramundane content to be found, plus a bit of redesign, and a WordPress back-end (because I know the status of my back-end is important to many of you out there.)

Currently the new link is:

But hey, things will change. Watch your head and pardon our dust.

12:23 AM PST (Link and Comments)

 Sunday, April 8, 2007

Should I Call The Programmer, Or Human Resources?

I usually refrain from posting about work for fear of being dooced, even after profound evidence that not only does no one from work read my blog, but few people still do at all. But this is too good not to mention.

A flash advertisement I've been working on lately has a profanity filter programmed in it. Well, honestly it's more like a "detector," since we don't really care if people type in profanity into an advertisement that only they will see. So when my boss' boss came into my office, it really shouldn't have surprised me when she said, "Shit's not working."

I'm sure it isn't.

Put on my list of things I never expected to say at work: "Pussy is just fine, but cunt's broken too."

03:53 PM PST (Link and Comments)

 Monday, April 2, 2007

Did Somebody Say Price Drop?!?

Right Side of Brain: The PSP Core System is having its price reduced tomorrow!!!

Left Side of Brain: So? You've suspected they were going to do that for months now. I'm almost surprised they didn't do it before Christmas.

RSoB: But the price is coming down! Want Pretty! Want Pretty Now!

LSoB: Now? We're busy now.

RSoB: Want New Toy Now!

LSoB: You don't need a new toy. You have too many toys already.

RSoB: You're talking crazy now. There's no such thing.

LSoB: ORLY? How many Wii games do you still have in their shrinkwrap?

RSoB: Um...four, maybe?

LSoB: FIVE, genius. Not to mention the Gamecube, PS3, PS2 and XBox games you've never played.

RSoB:You know I was never good with numbers.

LSoB: And besides which, all you ever seem to do is play World of Warcraft anyway.

RSoB: Yeah, but I just got my pretty pony made entirely out of bones and...

LSoB: That's not the point. Why do you need one?

RSoB: My Boney Pony? Duh, so I can ride...

LSoB: (Interrupting) No, goofus. Why do you need a PSP?

RSoB: Oh...well duh, more platforms means more games! It's got pretty graphics.

LSoB: True, it's output is pretty impressive for its size. But don't you want to wait for the smaller, redesigned version?

RSoB: ...

LSoB: ...

RSoB: Want Pretty Now!

LSoB: Oh, you're hopeless.

Wrist: (to Wallet) Shoot me now.

Wallet: (to Wrist) Tell me about it.

Bladder: Oh, don't you dare...

09:26 PM PST (Link and Comments)

 Monday, March 12, 2007

Geek Party Rule #12

Note to self: multiplayer Brain Age should never be mixed with Bourbon. Trust me, it'll just end in tears. Two very large, double Manhattans and I sounded like Barbie: "Math is hard...Let's go shopping!"

Since last week San Francisco was the host for the Game Developer Conference, the boys and girls at Gamers Experimentations met up at the Pilsner Inn this past Thursday; Saturday night there was a similar gathering sponsored the folks who bring you GayGamer.net. (Back when I first moved to San Francisco, I knew and went to the same clubs as—and if my memory serves me, might have even gone on a date with—the editor there. Sweet guy. Who knew we'd both come out as gamers?)

There's something delightfully geeky about standing in the back patio of a gay bar and getting wireless games of Mario Kart going with your friends. The looks on the faces of the other patrons is priceless--from "Who let these kids in here?" to "OMG, is that Mario Kart? Blue Shells FTW!" (Those people get drinks bought for them.) But Saturday night had, probably, sixty gay gamers in the bar. When there are more people with Nintendo DS games open than not, it really starts to feel like home.

Well, home for people people who are momentarily bad at math, anyway.

Oh, and did I mention we also had a film crew there from MTV? Keep an eye out for that.

(Cross posted from my Gamespot blog.)

05:10 PM PST (Link and Comments)

 Monday, February 26, 2007


Twice this past week as a pedestrian, I've had altercations with motor vehicles. I'm hoping these things don't run in threes.

The first was out the Richmond, when a driver made deliberate eye contact with me as The Boyfriend and I were crossing the street. I proceeded to cross. He proceeded to smile and continue his left turn. It wasn't until my life flashed in front of the Boyfriend's eyes that he grabbed me by the collar and pulled me back. I think the man making the turn waved as he passed by, as if to say, "Hi! Thanks for not splattering yourself on the front of my car! I can't help it, this thing likes to move! Tee-hee!"

The second time I was on my way to work, on Market street. You know, I am a bit sympathetic for people who drive in the city, but I have no sympathy for people who go out into an intersection that they obviously won't get through during the traffic cycle, blocking cross traffic and making a nuisance of themselves. It smacks of a certain smug self-importance that makes me want to scratch paint jobs with my keys or launch a McMissle or two.

At any rate, as a pedestrian you can wait for a bit, but when the countdown timer starts going and the crosswalk is still not clear, one has to get moving. So we did. At which point, someone in a Selfish Urban Vehicle decided that finally, now, he should get out of the way of traffic. Through the pedestrians. He drove exactly fast enough that none of those pesky people walking could get in front of him safely (and sped up to do so, mind you) but not fast enough to actually clear their path. Several of us told him how much we loved this maneuver with open-palmed slaps on the side of his car, and finger gestures indicating he was Number 1, or at least right next to it.

Someday I'm going to get killed by someone in a car. But I'm beginning to suspect it won't be an accident.

12:47 AM PST (Link and Comments)

 Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Current States Of Various Parts Of My Anatomy.

Nose: Drippy. Think I caught something at the National Sales Conference last week, when they made us run around in the rain and drink liquor late into the evening. Yes, made us. Threatened us with pointed sticks, I tell you.

Right Shoulder: Slightly sore, but having lots of fun.

Eyelids: Heavy. See above.

Ass: Tingly sensation near wallet.

Ears: Itchy. But also very excited to order and hear the previously unreleased tracks from Meryn Cadell's Angel Food for Thought.

Lip: Irritated but healing. Currently negotiating a hot cup of coffee a little gingerly at the request of the Eyelids (see above.)

Liver: Anxious about the arrival of the antique bar I purchased at the Hillsborough Antiques Show.

Feet: Currently want new shoes and socks to go with their new kitchen tile. Are hoping their accoutrements arrive sometime before the flooring is installed, whenever that ends up happening.

Head: A Splode.

05:06 PM PST (Link and Comments)

 Thursday, February 8, 2007

Pushed Out The Other End.

I had grand plans for a Groundhog Day's post saying how things are the same every year—nearly every day, actually—but was working incredible hours pushing several PowerPoint presentations through the labyrinthine script-writing and design cycles. Which I think I've posted about before. When discussing PowerPoint, the similarities to the digestive process shouldn't stop merely with the end product (as they so frequently do.) I admit, it's kind of a fun challenge to take a program that tries so hard to digest your thoughts and designs into pabulum and make something compelling and useful come out of it. Regardless, it has finally passed and I'm feeling greatly relieved.

I've gotten a lot of recognition at work over the past few days, as part of a group winning a hefty crystal award (and a financial one as well) for "Excellence in the Sales and Marketing teams." Seems funny to me, but I've slowly come to accept the idea of being a part of "marketing," instead of being "an art guy who does marketing work." I used to think there was a big distinction between the two. Now I'm beginning to accept that it's all related, this shaping opinion through words and pictures and video, and there's no high or low road through it—just distinctions between good work and bad work, honest marketing and dishonest, effective advertising and noise. It's not fair to poo-poo someone else's work just because of my own old art school prejudices.

At any rate, it's always good to get some validation that, even if it feels like the same shit/different day, I'm at least making some headway somewhere. Of course, having stayed out late to celebrate, I'm pretty hung-over. I kind of feel like...well...I don't know. I can't think of an appropriate metaphor right now...Hm. Can I get back to you on that?

01:04 PM PST (Link and Comments)

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