And You Look Sexy While Doing It, Too.

My nose is running, and I am occasionally coughing hoarsely. My face is bright red, and my white legs are getting stares and catcalls. I can’t see from the sweat coating my glasses and running into my eyes. I gave up wiping it too much because I have a tiny stinging abrasion just under my right eye that I think is bleeding very slightly when I wipe it with my shirt. Either that or it’s just stains from my toxic sunscreen, which hopefully I haven’t completely sweated off from my already-red-and-tender neck. I know I shouldn’t be using the shirt to wipe my face because my nipple is slightly raw from rubbing against it, but I long since destroyed the tissues I brought with me. The toes that aren’t callused from rubbing against the shoe are a little tender the next day. And I’m not sure if my back is sore from running with the wrong posture or because I’m overcompensating for the day when I have an accident and my knees completely give out, like my father’s did.

And today, someone opened their front gate into me as I passed by. I managed to deflect off of it with my hands but it startled us both. And it probably would be been all right if I hadn’t, since I was bleeding anyway. I couldn’t have looked any worse.

So why do I keep running? Because it makes me feel so healthy.

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