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Jim Meko Wants to Destroy The Eagle?

Thursday, April 5th, 2007

SF Bay Times: Are we Losing the Eagle and the Hole In The Wall?

Sadly I'm not able to find any notes about what specifically Jim Meko has issue with about these bars aside from music. I do think that the guys who own the two are pretty nice guys. When I lived at 11th and Howard, I had far more trouble with the (mostly straight) patrons of the 11th Street Corridor of nightclubs; the homeless encampments in front of the earthquake damaged and abandoned Catholic Church; and big clubs and restaurants doing Valet Parking.

Anyone know where the Hole in the Wall wants to move to? Or what Jim Meko's real agenda is?

UPDATE: Besides Jim Meko's response below, he's also written an expanded rebuttal here. Ah, aren't local politics fun?

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