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QotD: My Earliest Memory

Thursday, October 19th, 2006

What is your earliest memory? 
Submitted by Megan.

Memories are funny things; they can seem so real, and yet are completely ephemeral.

I think I am about three years old; I'm standing in front of my parent's house in the late morning or early afternoon holding my mother's hand. She's dressed in a very pretty outfit, and my father, who's also dressed nicely, is standing down the walkway next to the El Camino taking a picture of us. While he is trying to compose the photo, I remember seeing at the Japanese Maple trees and the sky framing him as he framed us.

Neither of my parents can recall this event. And no picture like it has ever surfaced. Every time I think of it, I feel like I could reach out and touch the trees, or my mother's pant leg. But the truth of it dissipates like smoke. Did I dream it? Is it an amalgam of memories that never happened together? I will never know for certain.

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