Stripping Down To My Underwear.

On December 5th, I’ll be running through the Castro in my underpants.

I’m probably as surprised as you at the idea.

The Santa Skivvies Run is not a race; runners strip down to the bare essentials and make a mad dash through the chilly streets of San Francisco. Any money we raise goes to the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, to help prevent new HIV infections and promote the health of people living with HIV/AIDS. Thousands of individuals benefit from their programs and services. If you’d like to donate to the cause (and get a photo of me on race day) I’d be delighted for you to sponsor me.

I initially set a goal to reach the “underwear” donation level, and have already met that; I’m going to try to double that amount if I can. But this means, barring injury or some force majeure I will be out there in the cold on Sunday. (Thankfully, current forecasts are saying a little warmer–60°F and little chance of rain.) If you’re local and want to see this madness, come to the Lookout Bar (3600 16th St & Market St) on December 5th!

Now onto the hardest part—finding the right pair of red underwear for the run. There’s a very fine line of support, coverage, exposure, comfort and style that they have to straddle.

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