Hooray For Hives!

What I thought was a pimple yesterday turned into little raised bumps all over by the end of the evening. Yay for skin rashes! I’ve gotten these before so I’m not apt to panic about them, but it does mean taking the bright pink antihistamines. Which leads to uncontrolled napping. Which is generally frowned on at work.

Of course, the morning I have splotchy, red skin is the day they want to take a photo of the Marketing team. It’s been a bad day. Please don’t take a picture.

But an intellectual query posed by a friend—do white people get hives more often than black people?—lead me to try a simple search for “African-American and hives.” Didn’t find the answer. Mostly I got a lot of results about bees.

So maybe these aren’t hives…maybe it’s yellow fever. Who can say.

Maybe I’ll go home and play Super Mario Galaxy and listen to some indie rock until I pass out.

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