I Could Give Birth To Sheep.

Traditionally The Ex-Roommate and I would pick a song for the first of the year. It gave us something reflective to do on the nights before the New Year. This is not a tradition I’ve kept with The Boyfriend. (Unless his song for the year is the theme(s) from the Planet of the Apes. We had a nice, quiet, relaxing New Year’s celebration.) 

But I did select a song for 2009. Perhaps appropriately it was originally recorded over twelve years ago, but it took her this long to agree how it should really come out. I think it’s amazing. And it’s also a pretty great song to exercise or lift weights to.1

So this year I have some old business that I need to attend to. I have to take the good work I’ve done and make it better. This year, I could be cool. Soft as a breeze. 

Or I’ll be a hurricane. Ripping up trees.

1 Count this among the many things I never expected to post in a blog entry.

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