Laissez Les Laissez-Faire.

On Lundi Gras, while lying in bed trying to fall asleep, I got the urge to make a King Cake for Mardi Gras. I’ve never made such a thing, so I am not sure why I suddenly imagined that overnight I would be the next Randazzo’s. By late morning I had given up on the idea of raising a yeast bread but not on the idea of a Marti Gras dinner and dessert. So having seen the “easy” recipe using canned rolls enough times, I gave it a shot.

Emiril I am not. Authentic it wasn’t. But it wasn’t that bad, considering that it was the “easy” recipe. That it was the “kids” recipe. That it was, I later discovered, the “semi-homemade” recipe.

Gods help me if I’m turning into Sandra Lee.

As penance for my foodie sins I will take a cue from Courtney’s new food blog and braise some leeks, or make some seitan, or bake up a shoo-fly pie. (Confession: I bought frozen pie crusts for this. But they’re vegan and organic, if that helps.)

One Response to “Laissez Les Laissez-Faire.”

  1. Jeffrey Says:

    Well done, you, for embracing convenience foods in these economic times. Keebler Elves need jobs too — especially the vegan ones.

    And besides, I don’t believe in tempting fate. When I use a frozen crust, I have a 89% chance of a reasonably successful culinary adventure.