1. Make New List.

I need a better list.

The list I use at work has fifty items on it. Not all of them are my to-do items, naturally, but it kind of feels like it. Because they’re on my list.

So I sometimes maintain a second list. Thatt works, as long as I can’t see the first list too. Because if I put them together in the same place, then my brain adds up both lists together—even though it’s not supposed to—and then shits its pants. (Its metaphorical pants, thankfully. Otherwise ‘Change Underpants’ would need to go on the list that I’m not supposed to look at…and that’s a vicious cycle just waiting to happen.)

This would all be a lot less difficult if I were doing it without the pounding headache.

And then, of course, these are only my work lists. I have personal lists in short term, long term, shopping, cooking, and downloading flavors. I am slowly getting to the point where I need a list of my lists. Which will be fine, because the pile of lists is actually a pretty comfortable place to just sit and play World of Warcraft instead.

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