QotD: Can’t Get You Out of My Head

What song or lyrics are stuck in your head at the moment?  What album is it from?
Submitted by Lox Ly

I didn't have anything stuck in my head until I saw this. Now I've got Kylie Minogue's "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" stuck in there. Damn. Thanks a lot, Vox.

Update: actually a number of songs cycle through my head, all the time. I once made a double CD of songs that had stuck in my head for a week-long period. Which only helped to reinforce all those songs getting stuck in my head again.

But really, at the moment the song that's running in my head is "Down in the Park" by Gary Numan (or Tubeway Army, to be specific), off of Replicas. I just caught him in concert last week and am feeling slightly bolstered in my Gothness. (Even if I am wearing khakis again today.)

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