QOTD: I’m such a nerd because…

What’s the nerdiest thing about you?

I actually tend more towards the geek portion of the geek-nerd-dork trianglation. Nerd implies concentrated focus at the expense of another positive trait, such as hygiene or social skills. I have a bunch of geeky interests, I work in a geeky industry, My friends are mostly geeks–the nerds being the ones too busy with their Gundam models or solving Pi to 2 million digits to bother (or the folks whose phone calls I avoid.)

But for all the bad talking I’m doing about “nerdiness”, these are also the people who understand some topic so deeply, so completely as to block out everything else, at least for a while. Instead I’m just a geek of many flavors, master of none.

Though it’s pretty nerdy to use the word “triangulation” in a sentence.

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