Middle Age.

Middle Age is when the mirror confronts you with bad zits and grey hairs at the same time.

Middle Age is when your car insurance premiums go down, but you still play Grand Theft Auto IV at home.

Middle Age is when you realize you could wear neon pink and green again now but really shouldn’t, because it was a bad idea the first time.

Middle Age is when you wonder if you’ve made this blog post before.

2 Responses to “Middle Age.”

  1. Rhea Says:

    I do that a lot. I have to remind myself whether I’ve written on a topic before.

  2. Jessica Says:

    I went to a commercial screening of The Fall last night [paid to see it a few days ago, and will buy the DVD if I can’t find a nice long loop of swimming elephants elsewhere, but:], and hit either a plateau or abyss as I actually pulled out a notebook to jot down all the not-just-homage-or-reframing-but-omg-total-ripoffs, shot for shot. And almost bitched about it, afterward, but then realized no one else in the cohort had noticed. ‘Cause they hadn’t seen any of the -qatsi films, or Joel Peter Whitkin’s photography, or listened to any field recordings or, say, WOMAD CDs (the director credits himself for writing the Ramayana Monkey Chant.)
    We won’t even get into how Mama Mia is a Bastardization of Antonia’s Line, and OMG Yet Another Thing In Which Colin Firth Plays Depressed Guy Upon Whom Others’ Happiness is Reliant, This Time in Diving Bell et la Butterfly Revisited™ Only [x] Months After The Fact.

    Plus I have a new rogue hair that unfurls itself, with alarming frequency for such a regularly lush-appearing strand, inside my right ear.